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You can make any claim you want about it saying it will solve xyz, but actions speak louder than words. We continue to „improve“ our health care system yet prices are sky rocketing. Insurance and pharmaceuticals are making a killing and you think that they haven’t game planned on how to extort universal health care.

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I teach high school Bio, Chem and General Science. Its ridiculous how many students I will get in a grade 9 science class that can even give me a line graph or do basic math. Literacy all around is horrendous. Have your most recent posts, sorted by category, laid out on the front page for easy access.Speaking of categories, you have none. You have posts on wallpaper apps, online courses, camera apps, and the new Detective Pikachu movie. Put them in appropriate categories so it hermes birkin replica uk easier for your visitors to browse.There is some seriously wonky CSS and formatting issues on the site.