Configuring Cortana on your PCLet’s dig into the Cortana

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Canada Goose Outlet Any non system apps such as Facebook and Instagram can also send alerts to your Windows box. You can choose to enable the App notification sync option or leave it off.If you enable „App notification sync,“ you will need to give Cortana permissions to read and control notifications on your phone.You can then select exactly which applications will be synched to your PC.Once done you can exit out of Cortana.Next, we need to double check a few things on your PC to ensure Cortana is set up correctly within Windows.Configuring Cortana on your PCLet’s dig into the Cortana settings and verify you are logged into a Microsoft account as well as ensuring sync is enabled.Click the Windows button and type „Cortana.“ Click the canada goose factory outlet icon for „Cortana and Search Settings.“Scroll through the settings list and look for „Send notifications between devices“ (Figure 2).Click the switch to turn it on.Sign into the same Microsoft account you used in the previous section (if you aren’t already logged in).Navigate back to the Cortana Search settings tool.Click „Edit Sync Settings“. Make sure that your phone shows up in the list Canada Goose Outlet.