Despite being trauma system patients

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(ie. No missing dog posts or stolen items, while keeping the interesting stories that may have a local aspect to keep /r/Ontario feeling homely).More content, though that up to usTry to expand the sub a little more to get more content flowing through.More content and comments. Fewer partisan political threads.Tighter moderation of political discussions to keep things more civil (Not my first choice, I prefer the community police itself).

My hospital is a level 1 trauma center for the state. Despite being trauma system patients, very frequently the unloads are cold. Not always, but many times, because it safer. I work in the Canada Goose Parka OR doing a lot of brain and spine surgery. We have a 3d tracking system in there called „stealth“ that I sure the hospital paid a fortune for. The thing is, compared to some of the AR stuff out there the „3d“ imaging is really shitty on a 2d screen.

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