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Canada Goose Coats On Sale As I’m boxing him out I just kept feeling his forearm on my head. Tried to back up but he kept pushing. I tried to swing my arm loose thinking it was the best way to try to get my arm up in position to rebound and we made contact. Shakespeare by the Lakes, a local free crowed funded event, will showcase Canberra’s talented thespians in a production of „Much Ado about Nothing“ between the 14th and 17th of February.The show will begin at the Tuggeranong town park community stage from the 13th and 14th. It will progress to Glebe Park community stage on the 15th and finish at QEII Park river stage on the 16th of February in Queanbeyan.The play, ‚Much ado about Nothing‘, is a Shakespearean comedy depicting misunderstanding, love and deception.The key cast members are; Benedick played by Duncan Driver, Beatrice played by Lexi Sekuless and Claudio by Izzac Beach.Shakespeare by the Lake is based on Shakespeare in the Park, a long running event in New York’s Central Park.Directors Lexi Sekuless and Duncan Driver, and Executive Producer, Taimus Werner Gibbings, wanted to start a tradition of open air Shakespearean acting in Canberra, as in other global cities such as New York.The vision of Shakespeare by the Lakes will use, promote and celebrate the talents of local Canberra artists in all aspects of production and excite contemporary audiences with the timeless themes of great theatre.“ by the Lakes’non profit set upwould not be possible without public and corporate support. The only reason we have been able to present the first season of Shakespeare by the Lakes for free is because we’re getting a lot of help from many people and enough money from a few companies,“ said Taimus.It looks as though Shakespeare by the Lakes will be a great success as they already have 2400 reservations across the four performances so far!The event organisers have raised over $30,000 to put on the event, with $23,000 in corporate sponsorship and $7000 from crowdfunding.You can bring your own chair to the performances but they can only be used in designated areas. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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