(Image: Kerry Stafford)“Alfie was rushed in with a chest

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replica kipling bags Analog Photography Tips and TricksThe trick with analog photography is experimenting. The reason I say this is that through try and error you can learn a lot. Photography is an experiment. Why hospital is like a second home for ‚tough cookie‘ AlfieAlfie was born six weeks premature weighing just 4lb 2ozKerry’s fears were realised five months later, when Alfie was diagnosed with replica prada nylon bags Hirschsprungs Disease a rare condition that causes excrement to become stuck in the bowels.(Image: Kerry Stafford)“Alfie was rushed in with a chest infection and they took some x rays,“ she said. „They noticed his lungs were being pushed right up his body.“They took some x rays of the lower part of his torso and saw that his replica bags near me large intestine was very swollen.“If they had not picked that up it could have burst and killed him.“From that day until now, Alfie has been in and out of the Leicester Royal Infirmary,“ she said.“He has been so many times it’s almost like a second home replica bags from turkey for him. He’s a tough cookie but he has had a rough replica bags by joy deal so far.“Alfie’s condition, which affects approximately 1 in 5,000 children, has seen him undergo a number of operations.(Image: Kerry Stafford)At the age of 18 months, he had to have a bag fitted replica bags london outside his body in an ileostomy, where the bowel is re routed through an artificially replica bags in london created hole (stoma) in the abdomen so that excrement can still leave the body.Kerry, from Countesthorpe, said Alfie used to go to a mainstream school but was bullied about his ileostomy bag.“He moved from one school to another but then encountered problems there,“ she said replica kipling bags.