Marys fans were ejected by the referees

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Hermes Handbags The midfielder believes United are thriving from playing higher up the pitch.“Our attacking players overall are really enjoying playing close to the opposition box,“ Herrera told the United programme when asked about how much he had enjoyed playing under Solskjaer. „We are creating a lot of chances and we are being the protagonist team in every game so we are really happy.Herrera’s stance on United future revealed“We have to keep the balance right, to keep winning and performing the way we are doing. I think we are going to have tough moments and tough games, so let’s see how the team reacts and how we fight against those circumstances.“Speaking before the Brighton win, Herrera added that United players have also shown a willingness to attack when under pressure.“Since the first day he arrived the message has been very clear: This is Manchester United and you have to show that you are Manchester United players,“ Herrera said Hermes Handbags.