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canada goose black friday sale One man is dead and two others are injured after a shooting at a boxing tournament in Melbourne’s north.Police and paramedics swarmed the Melbourne Pavilion on Racecourse Rd, Kensington after reports that shots had been fired about 10pm, reported The Herald Sun.One man was found dead when officers arrived and two others had suffered gunshot wounds.No one is in custody.A large crowd was at the Melbourne Pavilion last night to see a seven bout card headlined by the WBA Oceania cruiserweight title fight between Kane Watts and Jayden Joseph.The other feature event on the card featured Junlong Zhang from China, a heavyweight boxer with a 19 0 record.One witness said he heard three shots fired then the whole crowed moved.was in the foyer, he said.BREAKING NEWS reports from Police in Flemington of a shooting at the pavillion. Unconfirmed of 3 persons found deceased from gunshot wounds. Said the atmosphere throughout the night was full of excitement and there was no violence outside the ring.Crowds continued to pour out of the pavilion past midnight.exact circumstances surrounding the shooting are yet to be established and currently no arrests have been made, a Victoria Police spokesman said.Squad detectives are attending and at this stage police do not believe that there is any further threat to the community. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose / Tom StubbsEmailTwitterPinterestFacebookHaider Ackermann’s tenure at Berluti canada goose uk official may have been short, but it was certainly memorable. For his final go right here collection this season, star pieces include beautiful tailored leather coats one (8,000), deceptively simple and killer cool, incaramel lambskin with a tiebelt; canada goose uk discount code another (8,000), super sophisticated, in deep brown lambskin that’s longer and beltless; andyetanother (8,000) that’s black, oversized and belted, with hidden buffalo horn buttons. All have hand stitched, concealed seams, either raw or prick stitched hems, and panel painted finishes that show off Berluti’s heritage ofcreating unique patinas canada goose.